Meters and Scales

Monday 28 November 2005 at 4:05 pm.

Lightwave has a scale system built into it. It allows you to make models accurate to English and Metric scales with feet, inches, meters, millimeters, all to an accurate scale. In experimenting with scale, I made a box 180 feet by 120 feet, and 10 feet tall, and a ovaloid that's exactly 6 feet tall for comparison.

DeleD has no such scale system. Everything's relative. So, once I exported from Lightwave into DeleD to explore it using the level preview plugin, I experimented with the scale to get approximatelythe right size. Once i had that I made some more boxes in DeleD to match the final size of the box, and stacked a bunch on top of each other to make a 9 story building. Then added a couple scaled windows to make it a little easier to look at to judge size.

After that, I loaded in more windows and left them actual scale when they were loaded. Now most of the pre-fabs in DeleD are scaled to all match each other. So the windows would be to the scale I used to originally scale the loaded model to actual size (when DeleD imports OBJ files it makes them really tiny) And then I came to realize somethig...

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It's a midget! That camera's gotta only be like 3 feet tall!

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Title: Meters and Scales
Date posted: 28 11 05 - 16:05
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