Genome Prototype

Thursday 27 March 2008 at 12:46 pm.

Today I'm going to announce the game Genome Prototype. Genome Prototype will be the introduction to the Phobia series. It will be available for the XBOX 360, as a Community Games title. It will be for the most part a 3D, first person puzzle game, with its own goals for just this game and at the same time introducing the storyline to follow in the later Phobia games.

I'll give regular updates to this as I'm working on it, both here in the blog and on the forum, as well as possibly making available for download builds for XBOX 360 owners with XNA subscriptions, or PC builds for anyone (the XNA platform is Windows-XBOX 360 cross-platform). More details to follow!

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Title: Genome Prototype
Date posted: 27 03 08 - 12:46
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