Castle Revival - Day 4

Thursday 22 November 2007 at 6:16 pm.

Since I think I've solved my hardlocking problem, I resumed installing the rest of my applications. After installing Visual C# Express 2008 I loaded up the CastleEngine project to test out to make sure Visual C# Express works, and after that I decided to do some more work on it for a while.

I duplicated all the menu entries for each of the static menus from Castle of the Winds (File, Actions, Window, and Help) and set the shortcut underlines for everything, but those don't seem to show up when running the thing. I also implemented building the map from a chain of images instead of images separately, so only one file is needed for a tilemap. And that was with built-in functions, which made it very convenient :)

I also got it to redraw the map continuously while resizing, and upon program initialization, neither of which it could do before. I was aiming for the drawing it upon program start, the continuous redraw while resizing was an unexpected surprise.

Finally, with the multiple images, I began a simple test map. It loads, it moves upon scrolling, however, I'm in a bit of a pinch with redrawing it. It'll redraw just fine, but not in the space that is the original size of the window before any resizing. I found one way of fixing this, but that caused all sorts of graphic glitches, from constant problems with the scrollbars being drawn, to everything being blank upon the programs start, menues, buttons, everything blank. So, I need to find another method to do that.

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Title: Castle Revival - Day 4
Date posted: 22 11 07 - 18:16
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