Castle Revival - Day 3

Friday 04 August 2006 at 12:27 am.

I picked up to do some more work on this today, after not working on it for a while. I finished solving my problem with drawing the map (at the point I had left it, it would only redraw when I minimized and restored, not when I resized the window). I then simplified the drawing methods, so it's all done automatically.

I then moved onto trying to solve the problem of easily drawing multiple images. Basically, I needed an array of images, to draw whichever one was needed for the cell by the drawing method. I first tried writing my own method, but it didn't work quite right. Then I found the C# ImageList class, which works really nice for that purpose. :)

Have that all squared away, everything working now. Next time I work on it (maybe tomorrow, maybe not), make up a basic map, and start implementing other functionality.

And for a little laugh, here's the result of my first successful use of the ImageList (didnt know it defaulted to images of 16x16):
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Title: Castle Revival - Day 3
Date posted: 04 08 06 - 00:27
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