Too early for 64

Wednesday 06 September 2006 at 11:51 am

I've been playing FFXI a lot the last month, and so I've had my notebook open as well so I could get to MSN and the internet for communicating with people (since FFXI doesnt have a windowed mode). In that I'd noticed my notebook had a problem. Under XP Pro x64 (not under the Linux installation though, so I know it wasnt a hardware issue), the clock would fall behind.

A lot.

I'd look at it after it's been on for a while and it would be 2 hours behind what the time actually was. I'd sync it with the timeservers, and 15 minutes later its already 5 minutes behind again.

I couldn't find any solution to this problem, so I ended up giving up on it. Killed x64 and put XP Home back on it.

Now I need to reinstall all my development tools on there.