Comment Spam

Friday 24 March 2006 at 12:14 pm

So now I've noticed that I'm being hit by comment spam on here. My referral spam problem seems to have been solved, so now they started on the comments. I've taken some actions that should stop it, but thats not where I'm going to end.

Ultimately I'm going to write a plugin so that entries are mirrored on the forum and all comments will go through the forum and not through Pivot. However, I'm waiting to do that, because phpBB3 is in pre-beta phase now and so will be released soon, and since I'll be upgrading the forum to phpBB3, I'd probably have to rewrite the plugin again if I were to write it for phpBB2 right now.


Okay, that measure didn't work, so I had to step it up a bit futher. It requires the answer of a question now in order to post comments, the answer is on the front page of the blog.